Book Reviews

Realized earlier today that I don’t read many book-related sites these days, particularly reviews. Decided to fix that. The result is the new “Books” category of links over there in the right hand column –>

Metacritic does books. You’d think I would have noticed that by now, what going to check out every new game there on a weekly basis. Sheesh.

Haven’t played much WoW this weekend. Initially it was because of the internet outage (thank you Bell, may I have another?), but then I got all distracted with TV, cataloguing books, reading, hanging out with various strange friends, making dinner, finally unpacking the rest of the china…

The question is…how many hours per month of WoW do I have to play to justify the…$18.95 CDN subscription? I’ll say 20 hours a month for now, and re-evaluate. I still like the game a lot, I just have other stuff to do.

[BA Barracus] Man, how do you put up with yourself?
[HM Murdock] It’s difficult at times…


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