Diet, Health, and Yumminess

There’s a growing quantity of scientific evidence that things like olive oil and red wine are natural (and naturally yummy) ways to reduce cancer and heart disease risks. This makes me happy because I happen to be a big fan of both of these things.

Others have gone so far as to suggest that a diet combining traditional Mediterranean and Asian foods is a simple and yummy way to eat healthier without going through that whole “deprivation” ickiness. There are even websites that go into detail about such things, and offer handy menus, suggestions, and a host of recipes to help you on your way.

For what it’s worth, the Pho Bo Soup, while not so pho-like as what we can get in Chinatown, is a reasonable, simple, and yummy facsimile. I think we might have this (or maybe pork schezuan noodles, if I can find a reasonable recipe) for dinner tonight, assuming I don’t pass out before cleaning the kitchen when I get home.


In other food-related news, none of the recipe management software I’ve looked at is really what I’m looking for. I’m not sure whether this is the software’s fault or not, however, as the key issue seems to be the fact that all recipe management software actually requires you to input the recipes. I’ve never been a big fan of data-entry work, particularly when unpaid and on my own time.

That being the case, “The Cook’s Books” does still seem to be the best of what I’ve found available for OSX, but it doesn’t do everything I thought. I’ll play with it again sometime when I’m not busy doing other things.


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