Things to put on the To Read list…

Guardian (UK paper) has published their Best Books of 2004 List, and most of them look very interesting. The question is, of course, will I ever actually make enough time to sit down and read more than a few pages per week, ever again?

I used to be an absolutely voracious reader. Maybe “read a book a week” should go on my New Year’s Resolution list (which, in itself, is new) along with the other well-intentioned things I’ve got on there (which are none of your business).

I know exactly why I don’t read as much as I used to. When I was in Montreal I used to easily read 2-3 books every week. I didn’t have a TV, and a huge amount of my disposable income got spent at Indigo Books. Then I made the mistake of looking over shaver’s shoulder one night when he was playing Asheron’s Call. Everything sort of started on a downward spiral from there.

I did manage to quit MMORPGs entirely for a while, but then I recently made the mistake of picking up World of Warcraft. It is, by far, the current shining pinnacle of the genre. It’s just plain old fun. But because of this alluring funnessity, it tends to suck up far more of my time than it should. Reading books is good. Running around chopping up zombies with big glowy swords…is really a helluva lot of fun, but less “good” on the “good vs waste of time” scale.

I should start reading again. Before my brain turns completely to Jello.

(This post got a little off track…)


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