Creation Museum

Uhh...snake in tree.  Ebil!

Hold onto your seat! Take a journey through time that you’ve never experienced before! Biblical history comes alive, as God’s Word—beginning in Genesis—explains the universe we see today.

Giant bugs—marvels of God’s creation—buzz overhead in our themed gift shop and resource center! Find shelves crammed with the latest books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, videos and other resources that’ll strengthen your walk with the Creator and embolden your defense of His Word. Stock up and tell others what you’ve discovered!

Peer back into the deepest recesses of the heavens, and discover that the latest images of the stars confirm an all powerful Creator, not a random bang!

One set of bones, two interpretations. How can two paleontologists, digging the same dinosaur fossil in the field, reach opposite conclusions?

The answer: starting points. Fossils don’t come with labels. We must begin with assumptions! But which is correct?

It just goes on from there.

This needed to be posted again.


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