The World (or rather, a ship full of rich people)

Um…I’m not even sure where I stumbled across this, but I’m sitting here somewhat agog at the sheer ludicrous genius of this particular venture. How better to make a crapload of money than by catering to the insanely rich with things that normal plebes could never, ever, ever hope to afford?

Me, I’m not a big fan of water, so my open-mouthed wonder is partially due to my inability to comprehend how someone could possibly live in such conditions. *shudder*

Although, er, this sounds pretty sweet…”Once more from Greece glide past the ancient port of Alexandria into Suez and the Canal. The Red Sea resorts of Egypt lead us to the emerald islands of the Seychelles set in the blue Indian Ocean.”

So I’m half horrified, and half mind-bendingly envious. Stupid rich ppl. *shakefist*


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