Ukranian newsreaders walk out over ‘censorship’

Ukrainian newsreaders walk out over ‘censorship’

“Journalists in Ukraine have refused to present election programmes and walked out in disgust at “blatant” attempts to censor their coverage, according to independent observers from the International Federation of Journalists.

The IFJ said four newsreaders on Channel 1+1 had refused to read the news after complaining of “crude” censorship, forcing the station to drop certain news bulletins altogether.

Three newspapers had their distribution blocked in the days leading up to the election, while a fourth had 500 copies seized from sellers in northern Ukraine.”

“The main TV channels are effectively controlled by the state and subject to heavy censorship. They have heavily backed government candidate Viktor Yanukovich, who won the disputed election by a margin of 3% on Sunday.

Journalists have also complained at the government’s “systematic” use of “temnyks” – instructions to editorial offices as to how certain subjects should be covered. ”

So, I guess that’s what’s going on in the Ukraine. No wonder people are pissed off.


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