I like my iPod, but…

This article pretty much sums up my current attitude about the iPod photo — I just don’t get it. I understand iPods now…and then some. I love my iPod. I love how it looks, how it works, how it feels in my hand, how it integrates with iTunes, how it lets me single-handedly (literally) create and play music queues in a matter of seconds, while standing on the bus, half asleep. The iPod is a perfect little music device that just does what it’s supposed to do, does it well, and just works.

The iPod photo, however, I don’t get. Now, if it were just a plain old iPod with a 60gb drive, colour screen, and longer battery life…that I get. But wtf is with the “photo” part? I just really don’t see the draw.

Can you explain it?


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